Refurbishing Old Emacs Libraries

Daniel Mendler (GitHub user minad) is a master in bringing out the best of built-in libraries. I get reminded daily when I touch Emacs through his packages such as Consult and Vertico. He also refurbishes an old built-in library, Tempo, which “may look a bit dusty here and there” with his TempEl library. “Old” is good in this context. These libraries have stood the test of time.

So, following his footsteps, I decided to refurbish an old library, org-ctags. My first attempt resulted in org-etags. I learned a lot from making it. Now I have polished it and made it more generic (no longer specific to Org): Ten 典. They are both tiny – around 200 and 400 lines of code respectively, including comments.

Ten is going through my daily use, especially at work. That’s for another day.