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「東京餃子通信」の塚田亮一編集長が たどり着いた究極の餃子。おいしい餃子を作るなら白菜の〇〇〇を使うべし! | 【GINZA】東京発信の最新ファッション&カルチャー情報 | FOOD

3 Mar, 2020

“Best” gyoza! 「東京餃子通信」の塚田亮一編集長が たどり着いた究極の餃子。おいしい餃子を作るなら白菜の〇〇〇を使うべし! | 【GINZA】東京発信の最新ファッション&カルチャー情報 | FOOD image

Mycoprotein - Wikipedia

14 Nov, 2019

Quorn (brand for meat substitute); now owned by a company in Philippines (privately owned) Mycoprotein - Wikipedia

Pasta Sauce with Musroom

21 Oct, 2019

Tried to use the tips to cook mushroom. Used the pasta sauce — it dominated the taste of course, but the texture of the mushroom, together…